"Having had pets for my entire life, I have spent my fair share of time in veterinary clinics. However, I have never had such incredible care as what we have received from Veterinary Associates. A couple of years ago, we had a beloved family cat who became mysteriously very sick. We took him to see Dr. Rexanne, and she did everything possible to save our big guy. Not only did she care for him in the clinic, but also called me personally several times to check on him. Unfortunately, we lost him, and the clinic sent us a card to express their sympathies.
More recently, our 10 year old Rat Terrier, who is our baby, also became very sick. I called the clinic after hours, and Dr. Rexanne talked me through what I needed to do. She offered to come to the clinic to assess him. She never hesitated to help, even on the phone, which she has never charged for. We took him in to see Dr. Rexanne in the morning, and he was diagnosed with a nasty case of pancreatitis. The staff quickly intervened with life saving measures, and they saved our precious baby. Bridget also never hesitates to help, answer questions, and keeps me grounded when I'm scared to death. To say that Veterinary Associates is the greatest clinic in the world would be an understatement. They sincerely care about animals and will do everything in their power to help. They care for the animals, but they also care for their owners by showing that they know how important our pets are to us. I could give many more examples, but it would turn in to a book! There are 4 veterinary clinics that are much closer to our home, but I will always drive over an hour to get to Veterinary Associates because their care is second to none.
Amanda V. - Churdan, IA

"I have had pets my entire life. Therefore, I have been to several veterinary clinics in my lifetime. No other veterinary clinic has treated me with such compassion and care as Veterinary Associates of Manning. Dr. Struve and her entire staff have consistently been most professional, caring, compassionate, and friendly at all times, even when I needed to call them during off hours. We have always received the appropriate treatment for our pets over the years and have never felt like we were not receiving the absolute best care and treatment. We have consistently received sound advice for any recommended treatment and fair costs for any treatment and service rendered. Over the years, Dr. Struve and her staff have always called us to check on our pets after treatment. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Struve and Veterinary Associates of Manning to friends and family without any reservations as the place to trust for care of their pets." - Lisa W.

"The best ranked hotels are given 5 stars. Veterinary Associates of Manning deserves 10+. Anyone who knows me, my pets are part of my family. And like family, you want the very best care. This clinic is superb. Both doctors Riordan and Struve are the real deal. They care so much for the health of animals. All shots, blood work, x- rays, laser treatments, teeth cleaning, tumor removal all done at this wonderful clinic. Kali, my Border Collie/Shepherd mix was one such visitor. Last Oct, they referred us to an animal hospital in DSM for major knee surgery. Veterinary Associates of Manning did all the subsequent follow ups. In January 2014, during her regular scheduled teeth cleaning and bloodwork, it was discovered she had a kidney disease unbeknowst to me. I mean I watch my animals like a hawk. Because of their discovery, we took immediate action. Special dog food (which they keep on hand) and medicine was prescribed. During the month of February, she didn't want to eat. Doctor did lots of research and prescribe pills that I could get at my local pharmacy and even calling it in for me. Made an emergency Saturday visit for IV fluids. Even taught me how to give fluids under the skin so I didn't have to bring her in. But, alas, she still wouldn't eat and I couldn't let her suffer. After almost 14 years of being with my beloved girl, we had to put her down. The doctor and tech came to our home so Kali and I didn't have to make that emotional trip. Can't be any better than being home! Above and beyond.

Another thing, Kali was 70 lbs. What I thought was one of the best things they did was whenever we went in for something, the doctor got down on his hands and knees to her level. I can't say enough good things about this clinic. All the staff is friendly, courteous, patient, understanding, eager to please. Veterinary Associates of Manning will always be the best choice for my pets." - Terri R.

For the last two years, my 6-year old dog's health rapidly deteriorated. It began with itching and scratching himself constantly. Then he managed to chew off all of the hair on his legs, tail and underside. His skin turned black and thick with wrinkles - like elephant skin. He was flaky and, despite frequent bathing, he smelled awful. All of this affected his mood. He was no longer playful, but lethargic and very moody, growling at people and dogs. He was no longer happy.

We visited numerous vets all over the state, including some of Iowa's top dermatology specialists and even a holistic vet. No one seemed to know what was ailing him. The easy answer we were given was that he was allergic. Allergic to everything it seemed. We tried numerous diets, pills, baths, sprays, wipes, oils and even altered the interior of our home in case it was something as pervasive as dust mites. All of this was exhausting. And very upsetting.. To see my beautiful loving boy turn into something of a monster was so incredibly hard. And there seemed as though there was nothing more I could try.

That's when I took him to Vet Associates of Manning to see Dr. Rexanne Struve. I arrived worn out and no longer hopeful for my dog's health, but just needed a quick solution to help soothe his biting and itching. She took blood tests and kept him over night. The next day, I received a call. My dog had hypothyroidism - which means his thyroid was not producing enough of an essential hormone for his health. I immediately looked it up online and there it was as plain as day, all of the symptoms matched. I felt sudden relief, but was still reluctant because he had been given diagnoses before and they proved incorrect.

Now, a month later, after being on a daily medication to treat this issue, he has dramatically improved. His thick black skin smoothed out and his coat is growing back in. He no longer itches, but instead plays, runs and enjoys the company of dogs and people. I can tell my dog is back to his normal happy state. And I owe all of my thanks to the people of Manning Vet Associates. - Emily B.

"My husband always says that you only get one good dog, one good horse and one good woman in a lifetime. Well, again he was wrong, because in our case we have gotten one good vet clinic also. Our 9 year old son Collin has his very own show horse. Mr. Amos is the type of horse that he'll show the kid so the kid doesn't have to show the horse. Collin calls him a professional show off. A year ago we found Mr. Amos with his leg in a pool of blood because he about cut his foot off. Our local vet made every attempt to get the bleeding stopped but after 3 hours he was unsuccessful and told us that it was extremely urgent that we take this animal to a facility that could handle this type of emergency. My first thought was Veterinary Associates as they had assisted us in another horse related incident that started out awful and with their cutting edge technology that situation turned out excellent.

Our local vet called Dr. Gary and they agreed that the Veterinary Associates would treat Mr. Amos as soon as we could get him there. Now we have 70 miles ahead of us, we could only hope that he would make the trip. When we arrived he was very weak but Dr. Gary and Veterinary Associates’ team was waiting to do everything in their power to save this young man's horse. After 3 weeks of their close attention and hands on treatment we were able to bring him home. He was under their care for the next several months. Finally he was released and Mr. Amos and Collin were showing again. The first show out Collin & Mr. Amos won the Western pleasure class. After the class Collin knew that he needed to make two phone calls. One call to the previous owner and one to Dr. Rex to thank her.

Dr. Rex, Dr. Gary and the entire staff at the clinic cannot be commended enough for all their hard work, knowledge and technology that they give their patients no matter how many legs they have. We literally prayed for this horse to be ok and our prayers were answered. We feel very blessed to have the Veterinary Associates in our corner. Mr. Amos is back to doing what he does best and that is pleasing little kids. Although my husband says that he's still looking for that good woman, he does agree he's found the vet clinic of his lifetime." - Carman G.

"Sprinkles was just a tiny little puppy when he came up to me as I walked up to work. Here comes a little puppy that was not cute like puppies usually are. He had almost no fur due to having a very bad case of mange. When I looked at him, I fell in love. I treated him for mange and we spent the summer together.

Just after he had turned a year old, he began to limp and was having a hard time walking. I thought he was just sore from playing for a week with my brother's great dane. When I took him to the vet I was told he had degenerative joint disease and would not be walking within a few months without surgery.

I took him to an acupuncturist who said it was probably inflammation and he pinned Sprinkles. After the pinning Sprinkles did pretty well. Sometimes he would slow down due to being sore, but for the most part he led a normal life for a dog.

About 9 months ago, he began limping a lot, took a long time getting up, was very crabby and just laid around a lot. I knew that he was in a lot of pain and the medication he was on was not helping much. I had taken one of my mom's dogs to Veterinary Associates of Manning. While there I asked a question about this particular dog's hips and how he seemed to be getting up slower. I was told about laser therapy that could be done on the dog that would help with the pain. Right away I was very interested because I was thinking of Sprinkles. I asked many questions and set up a time to take Sprinkles in to get xrays.

The x-rays showed that he had severe hip dysplasia. One side was bone on bone in the joint. We began the laser therapy. I was told that it may take a few treatments before we saw any improvement. During the first treatment he was unable to stand while they were doing it. At home, we really didn't see much difference. He was still having a hard time getting up and stayed laying down most of the time. We then went in for the second treatment. Again, he was not able to stand up during the treatment. We went home and the next day it was like we had a new dog. He was happy, up running around, talking to us and playing with the other dogs. I was amazed that after just 2 treatments there was so much improvement.

He has had 6 treatments so far and he is able to go for longer periods in between treatments before we can see that he is getting sore and is in need of another treatment. I am so excited that this is a treatment that works. Sprinkles is only 7 years old and will hopefully be with me for many more years without a lot of pain." - Sammi E.

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